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What`s the definition of good health?


For a long time now Iv`e been a bit puzzled by this term. I mean, when someone asks me if my health is good, bad, or indifferent I don`t know what to say. I have been described as healthy, but from my own point of view, I think I`d describe my health as bad or very bad compared to most people of my age. I have back ache, an underactive thyroid, heartburn, palpitations, restless leg syndrome, & arectocele & some diverticulosis, & if that`s not very bad health, I don`t know what is. None of these conditions are immediately life threatening or disabling, but they definitely reduce the quality of life quite a bit. I feel that I was at the back of the queue when the bodies were being handed out, & I just wish that it was possible to buy a new one, or at least take this one back to the manufacturers & demand a replacement!

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HI Hairy x Oh good question x I would think someone who is in good health is generally free from disease or any illness and feels good in body and mind. I think anyone of any age has the general aches and pains and some just simply take no notice as they are to busy or put it down to tiredness etc. You do make me laugh when you say demand a replaceable x Can I join the queue to x When people ask em how I feel I tend to say "Oh you know getting there" I still dont know where there is lol xx Donver


Hi Fairy.

It is an age old question,because we don't look ill people will often think we are in good health,but if when asked we said no then we would have to spend time explaining what was wrong with us.I have suffered heart failure but look as though there is nothing wrong with me so we can only assume they mean it as a pleasantry or in some cases just plain nosey :)

Kenny xxxx

i too sometimes ponder on this issue. Until recently i would have said I was in good health but lately I have issues with both shoulders and a trapped sciatic nerve. Then of cos there are the mental issues that stop me intigating, sleeping etc. I know I am luckiier than a lot as I can and do get out. I have family and friends that care and i can work a couple of days a week but I sometimes feel why do i have to have this body and this mind. Maybe I just need to learn to be happy with what I have.


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