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Anyone watch "999 what`s your emergency" last night?

I watched an extremely depressing programme on telly last night. I know that I should have watched another channel. It was all about how ambulance staff are under so much pressure dealing with elderly people who`ve had falss & been taken ill. Thhere was even a harrowing scene with a man whose wife died suddenly, & the paramedics tried to comfort him. It really fuelled my dread of getting older. I really don`t want to end up like the people in the programme. It does keep me awake sometimes, worrying about what the future holds health wise.

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I didn't see the programme but I do understand what you mean. When I'm in one of my anxious phases I really have to self-censor when watching TV as I find myself ultra-sensitive to stuff. There's been so much recently about poor care and ever decreasing help for older people it can be very worrying. I do try not to watch such reports too often, or I flick channels quickly to get to something brighter. When I'm not so anxious I can watch such stuff and then mentally set it aside (which is what most people are able to do).


I watched it last night and found it extremely upsetting to watch, especially when that gentleman's wife died so suddenly. I just wish the cameraman hadn't kept pushing the camera in the mans face when he was trying to go into kitchen.

I think channel 4 do make some of the best real life documentaries.


Hi Hairyfairy,

Yes I watched the programme to, I thought oh that is not nice getting older if that is what to look forward to. But then I saw the ninety year old women who was really quiet jolly with life, so it just goes to show what a positive attitude can do for you. So it's up to me to get my mind in order and enjoy life more.



I watched it too and cried like a baby. That poor old man, wow if I was just working on his wife I would be crying with him. Those shows can break your heart and then make you scream at the idiots who waste their time.


I watched it too and was shocked at the uncaring attitute of some of the workers. I wonder what planet these people are from - obviously not somewhere where they will be old one day!


I seriously think that if I ever have to suffer the conditons that some old people have to endure, I`d consider a trip to dignitas in Switzerland, because I can`t handle the thought of being dependent on other people for the basic things like washing, & toilet stuff, especially one that has only 15 minutes before they have to go on to the next client.


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