Been a busy bee :-)

Been stripping the bedroom. All done and OH painted the ceiling and glossed earlyer while I stripped rest of bathroom (well nearly) so Monday I'm wallpapering the bedroom. I've got to strip bigger bedroom which boys r going to have and paint and wallpaper the hall, stairs and landing. So I've been a busy bee. I just want all upstairs done and then only down stairs left. I know I shud be taking it easy being 29 wks pregnant but I'm at the stage were I just want it and ready for wen Bradley arrives. I haven't had chance to think about anxiety and it seems to have gone away for a while. Let's hope it stays away for good :-) even thou I had it on Thursday while on the bus. The bus was packed and I was hot, felt dizzy. I didn't get off like my mind was telling me to I stopped on the bus untill my stop. Anyway hope ur all doing ok, my fones nearly out of web but Monday or Tuesday my month starts again xxx


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  • HI Donaf, Firstly don't think we have spoken since but sorry to hear of your loss x

    Oh sounds like you have been busy, Easter seems to be all decorating and gardening x It can be quite relaxing I find decorating but I'm sure for you being so far along in your pregnancy its a challenge x Sounds like you have a lot of decorating planned x I love it but cannot do any more as I'm hoping to move to a bigger house when I find one I like x Yes you should really be taking it easy but then I can understand the need to get things ready x Its a woman,s way lol x Glad to hear your anxiety has been giving you a break x Yes would,nt it be so nice if it did go an never return x We can dream x Take it easy and enjoy the rest of Easter xx Donver x

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