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Hey there

Hey, my name's Ben and on 02/06/2012 I had a brain haemorrhage. Turns out I have an arteriovenous malformation in my brain (AVM), which is basically a nest of poorly developed blood vessels that can bleed at any time causing a stroke.

Since then I developed epilepsy from the damage, and had some gamma knife surgery on the blood vessels in my brain so no more blood can run through them, which means no more haemorrhages.

Unfortunately, the surgery works over 5 years, and so between now and then the blood vessels could burst and kill me at any second. There's nothing I can do to stop it from happening, and no way to know that it's going to happen, I will just literally drop dead.

The seizures started in August 2012, and I've had 12 since, and they're just awful as you can imagine. These can also happen at any time.

So I go through periods of going a bit nuts, if I ever just get a weird feeling in my head, or a headache, I have to sit and calm down (anxiety can cause more seizures).

So anybody got any tips for just calming down when you're anxious? It makes my chest so tight that I can't breathe.

Nice to meet you by the way :)

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Hi Ben

Firstly welcome to the site we all suffer from anxiety amongst other illnesses so you've come to the right place for some advice. Sorry to hear about your brain haemorrhage that must be really difficult to deal with, no wonder you are anxious. We all deal with our anxiety in different ways, I find exercise and relaxation help and trying to live Day to Day rather than worrying what lies ahead :-)

Jules x


Thanks Jules! Nice to meet you :)


Hi ben.

I am trying out herbal remedies, for a while ,to help with my anxiety attacks.

I use peppermint tea, and a day time kalms tablet that has valerian and hop extract in it.

Check whether it will clash with your meds first though.

Ive tried meditation techniques too.

Check out headspace on your pc or mobile phone apps.

You get a ten day free trial .

Ive found it helps.

plus I get on to this forum most days , that helps me too .

good luck .

regards .



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