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I have been suffering with aniexty for almost a year ive just suffered a huge big slip bck after a long good period I had a bad reaction to meds last year but I have came to think that maybe meds could help me ive been prescribed sertraline but am so scared to take it due to not wanting side effects ive put it off for the last 2 evening please help if u have any info they may settle me ive been thru cbt and conselling just want my life bck now

many thanks for reading

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hi annemarie, I am sure that there will be people on here over the next few days who will have positive things to say about sertaline.

can you consider trying it and maybe giving it a chance? it can take a while to feel effective.

be aware of side-effects - but know that everyone is an individual and not everyone gets1 or any.

regards, H.


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