Googling again and frightened

Typed - can anxiety kill you? And of course I found out that high levels of anxiety can increase death by heart attack or stroke dramatically. So now I am freaking. My anxiety is so high I am sure I am about to die and I am already 49 so I am convinced I am about to go. Anybody older here and still alive with severe anxiety? Terrified now.


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  • Stop googling!!

  • Hello

    I have had anxiety from been about 12 maybe even before that and yes I am older than you and still here :-/

    They write all sorts what they believe not just about if you suffer with anxiety but can be if you eat to many eggs. red meat , if you sleep to much if you sleep to little they are always coming up with something but they are not 100% percent sure with these statistics they come up with but please stop googling worse thing you can ever do it will always throw the worse scenario at you and frighten you like it has done so when you get the feeling to google don't :-/ distract yourself , come on here anything till it passes again and you will feel a lot better for it :-)

    Take Care x

  • Thank you. The anxiety is such a thug isn't it? I am trying to think of these reports as just scaremongering to sell rubbish papers. It just panics me even more when I read and read such frightening things.

  • Thank you. Just so overwhelmed and scared at tge moment. Bless you. Still alive and got through another day!! Xx

  • I've had health anxiety off and on for 20 years and Googling is absolutely the worst thing you can do - believe me I've done it SO many times.

    I'm 58 now, so was around 38 when it all really started.

    Incidentally I've had ocular migraines all my adult life with little or no headache. Until the HA started they never bothered me but once that took hold they really worry me now!

  • Yes it comes and goes - it came back in force when my dad passed in may 2015. He had dementia but was okay until last year. The ocular migraines are my major phobia after a stroke aged 28 caused by a clot in my heart. Must stop reading daily mail scaremongering.

  • Have you had physical. If not, have your doctor check out your heart, and do blood work. If all comes back normal, then you can stop stressing. Believe your doctor, not Google. Google hasn't checked you out so it would know nothing about YOUR health. I'm sure you know that anxiety is caused by negative thoughts. After all your tests come back and you are healthy, you can work on letting this negative thought go. Thank God for your health and move forward. It's not about how old you are when heart attacks and strokes occur. It can and does happen to young people. Exercise, eat healthy, drink lots of water and get enough sleep. That will keep you healthy.

  • Yes I googled this to and it frightened me no end, I know that stress is bad for everyone and as I suffer anxiety now many year do wonder what affect it has had on my body , it does affect blood pressure making it high which over time has an impact on your heart . but I suppose this should make us more determine to get over this once and for all "I know easier said then done" :-(

  • Amazingly my blood pressure is fine! Optimal actually. Just keep meditating and relaxing and walking the dog and hope for recovery xx

  • Yes it fine when u feel relaxed, its just in high panic its high and this over time can do damage, but then there are others that say it has to be constantly high for a certain length of time before it does the damage?? So I'm not a doctor I haven't a clue :-) , and its the one thing that has caused me to be like this , blood pressure I'm so afraid of it I know it went really high one time " in the middle of a panic attack in the doctors" and since then I'm terrified and of something happening to my heart :-( if I didn't fear these two things my life would be so much happier..

  • Wouldn't we all! I know I am in a serious stressful time - my beloved daddy died 6 months ago after years of stressful dementia - my daughter has started secondary school- my house is upside down getting a new kitchen and I have a new puppy! That's enough to make anyone nervous! Bad day though I know my health is fine now but I worry of madness - meditated and did relaxation exercises for one hour - took the dogs for an hour - saw my psychologist - drunk camomile tea - still shaking and nervous! Don't like to take valium but if it doesn't stop today I will have to! Do you get enough exercise? It helps for the heart. My fear is stroke - as I had one 22 years ago because of a heart defect - it was fixed and I am fine now but still worry!!!! Wish I could be normal! !!

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