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Im worried about my girlfriend..

hey everyone just venting another one of my worrys, my girlfriend has been feeling not too good she has been complaint about her heart feeling weird for about 2 days now like after she's eats and stuff right now she doesn't feel good at all her stomachs bothering her and her heart feels weird she says idk if its palpations but her mom has heart problems nothing serious but just a condition, now I'm wondering if it could be the same thing idk but I told her too check into the doctors soon, And for me no the other hand

I had my second day of work today and it was very hard but I got through it a lot of hard labor today in the hot sun, I'm home now relaxing bonn take a shower and eat , my side was hurting me all day today as usual but more so then other days and I'm just getting fed up with this pain aleardy thinking its cancerous and what not :P i just want t too go away already and my shoulders are hurting still from when I popped my sternum idk what too do too try and relief the pain maybe motrin and more rest but we'll see Im probably bonn get another check up for the doctors and check my collar bone or sternum so will see..

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Hi Damien, Sorry to hear your gf is not feeling to good, maybe it's possible she has picked up a few anxieties after her recent illness x it's hard when we are ill, and it can often lead us to believe we will be ill all the time, more so if we have someone in the family with health concerns such as heart problems. the best thing is as you suggested going to the doctor and explaining.

It sounds like quite a physical job you have there x I do hope you are resting frequently and drinking plenty of fluids wearing hat etc. try not to. Worry to much about the pain, it's nothing bad it's your body letting you know it's doing something it's not used to, if you are bending and carrying it's normal to get side pain. But if it continues see your doctor in case you have pulled something. Donver x


yeah she's gonna see a doctor I think it might be stress she has work school and she's constantly cleaning here house and she's also does community plays, but I'm sure she will be okay, well I've had this side pain or quite awhile hasn't gone away been too the doctors alot and she tells me its ethier inflammation or muslce tension so idk :P


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