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Health anxiety?!

I've always had health anxiety, but it took one rough night out and not feeling well to bring on extreme anxiety about this illness I think I now have! Sometimes I can think 'right you're being silly, think logically about it' and I'm alright but then I have the sinking feeling of 'oh god, I actually have it!!' Anyway, just wondering if you're worrying that much constantly about something can you start to imagine/create symptoms yourself?! I've been diagnosed with anxiety and am on citalopram but the docs never really explained to me how it works/why it happens etc so I get freaked out if I'm sat at home by myself feeling calm and the anxiety attacks hit me out of nowhere! Any info/help would be very much welcomed! Xx

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Morning 2sara1

Have you tried CBT from your doctors that can help with anxiety?

An overthinking mind can get carried away with all the negative things and start to create symptoms which are not nice in our body, such as heart going fast, dry mouth, tummy upset. it's all because are mind has got so worked up it thinks there is something to be frightened of and starts sending all different chemicals into our system. hence all the racing heart etc.

I have done a mindfulness course and have found that very helpful calming my mind, it's more about excepting how we feel in the moment and not fighting it.

Anxiety attacks do pass, its how we manage them that counts.

Ask your doctor if there are any courses in your area you might be able to go on, such as an anxiety courses etc.

keep posting on here as that helps to know you are not alone.

gardener x


i havent tried that no. i shall ask my doctor next time theyre reviewing my tablets. im just struggling to believe that anxiety can make all these symptoms come from nowhere! its very frustrating. it doesnt help that im having about a million vivid dreams a night so i dont know whats real and whats not haha


Hi Sara . I to have suffered health anxiety . Still do but not as severe . My fixation is my heart . I am 62 yr old female and have had panic attacks for over 35 yrs . I now have terrible Ectopics for which i take propanlol . I had CBT for health anxiety and its worked wonders cos i was getting very depressed and focussing on death. Do seek help through your Gp . Good luck x


yeah im slowly starting to get lower and lower with it cause its getting me down a lot now. maybe i need my tablets increasing i dont know. its all new to me! thanks for replying though x


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