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Help guys think something's seriously wrong!


Got really tight chest so lightheaded and dizzy. Can't take anymore going to fone ambulance if I get any worse . Having mental dreams as well. So scared . Can someone help calm me down please ? :(

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Hello Floyd,

If you are feeling bad ring for help now.

We will be here for you but best to be on the save side.

Floyd2 in reply to Hidden

Hi thank u. I will believe me was the same the other day as well went bursting into the doctors he had to calm me down I couldn't breath he wouldn't give me anything to calm me down because of my asthma so I've just to suffer :(


HI floyd x With anxiety we can get a tight chest and such but if you think its a pain beyond then by all means ring that ambulance x The dizziness is a part of the anxiety and its the adrenalin rushing round the body that makes the blood pressure adjust causing dizzy feelings x Dreams are not one I can advise on never having any that bad myself x All i can suggest is taking deep breaths and telling yourself nit is anxiety x However as I said if worried maybe ring nhs direct first xx Donver xx

Yeah ano I've had these symptoms from 2012 I live in my bed I'm so lost trying to calm down but can't seem to x


I have tried a site called headspace another person on here told me about it and I found it very helpful

It helps with your breathing etc and has helped me calm down.

Hi there,

Check out the website Headspace. This is a very good website that helps with your anxiety. Also try

Good luck x

Hi floyd, have you managed to calm a little? It's very scary I know, there's times I have and still do feel like this where I just want to get to a&e for someone to just say it's ok, it is ok floyd, the tight chest is the anxiety affecting your breathing as we need our lungs to take in air to fight or run away from the danger that is not really there. The dizzy thing is exactly what's been said, adrenalin rushes around our bodies to the parts we need to fight this horrid invisible danger called fear. What's the one thing you like to do most?

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