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Never going to be an answer

Hi folks, anxiety is criminal, it takes prisoners and makes us pay for something we didn't do, it holds us hostage in our own homes. It makes us feel bad when there is no reason. It comes and goes so we carnt even see a nice space till its with us and then we think about the bad bits that follow a good space.... To feel normal is ??? I don't even no anymore. Im dealing with this really well at the moment but I do struggle at w.ends and holidays from work... I feel no emotion for anyone which is a big worry.. Keeping on track is so much hard work but I will not let it beat me...xx

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HI Jan x You are right there it is a criminal. I completely agree with all you have said x It would be understandable if we had done something to deserve it, but its often the opposite, we try and be civil and nice and we suffer for our actions x I am housebound have been over a year, and I feel like I'm in prison or hell at times x I think I have forgotten how nice was normal was, and People say define normal and I say to live x To live is and was normal enough x Well done for getting a handle on your anxiety x I often feel as if I have no emotion for anyone or thing but I guess its the monster making me doubt x As it doz with us all x You seem to be getting to know anxiety well, this can often be the starting point to being normal again xx Donver xx


I work 5 days a week donver and they have just realised im not a freak, its taken 4 yrs but now they understand me... One battle I dont have to do... My outing apart from that is Tesco!! That's 1 time a mnth now... I could quite happily crash and burn but I have this thing in me that says no... Have to keep trying...x


I do agree with you that it does take us prisoner and it brings us down and makes us unsociable even with the ones we love. I have decided to try and keep a diary from tomorrow and to try and stress the positive parts so that I can look back and see the good bits of my life. For instance today had a lie in and listened to the archers on the radio. Some may say sado but for me this was a positive. Unfortunately the rest of the day not so good.



Love the archers, sorry to hear ur day is not so good, maybe tomorrow will be better..x


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