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Bad music = Dumb neighbours!

Hello everyone,

It's been a while since my last post and I felt like I need to rant and talk about stuff. I've had my 2nd counselling session, it's going so well. It's just nice to have someone who can help me and give me advice. I am learning alot and feeling sort of better with everything now. Now about that rant, I can't stand people who play LOUD music after 11pm as it's against the law. Some tithead was doing this from 10pm until 5am this morning! I couldn't believe it. It was bad drum and base, at least play some Elvis as I love him. Better not happen again or I will call 101 to get the police on their ass!

Also happy Mother's Day to my lovely Mother Andrea. I hope she loves the tulips, cards and having her name in the local paper :)

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Morning Cardiff.

Sorry you were kept awake, I sometimes have the same problem with my neighbours daughters, they can't listen to music unless it is full blast. I hope your mum likes her mothers day pressies . It is also good to hear your enjoying your counselling you should be able to control your anxiety before much longer.

Take care Kenny xx



Am glad things are going well for you it is always great to here positive posts.

Don't blame you for having a rant what selfish neighbours.

Am sure your mum was pleased with her gifts and name in the paper as well!!!

Hope you have had a nice day as well.

gardener x


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