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Have been feeling tired weak my legs hurt and very dizzy like almost fainting feeling and lost of appetite loosing weight and have been

Having like heaviness like pressure in my head when to the doctor several times and every test came normal and doctor say it was anxiety could this be wrong anybody has the same symptoms? What could be wrong im tired of feeling like this its messing with my life and work im not the same anymore

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Hi Issac.What you describe are all symptoms of anxiety.It's hard to accept that there is no physical cause but as your tests have all come back negative it seems anxiety is the cause

We all suffer in some form or another and we find different waysof copeing.

Deep breathing,meditation.exercise.even just a walk.

Keep posting on here and you will get help support advice and friendship.Above all remember you are not alone xxx


Hi isaac I saw your post sounds like anxiety .ive suffered from anxiety and panic attacks all my life. The pressure in the head ive been getting it alot recently. . Its possible that you Re suffering from some kind of anxiety .. as anxiety can cause dizzyness/lack of appetite' and also headaches


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