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Have been feeling tired weak my legs hurt and very dizzy like almost fainting feeling and lost of appetite loosing weight and have been

Having like heaviness like pressure in my head when to the doctor several times and every test came normal and doctor say it was anxiety could this be wrong anybody has the same symptoms? What could be wrong im tired of feeling like this its messing with my life and work im not the same anymore :(

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Hi Isaac :-) I'm sure many will tell you these are common signs of anxiety. It definitely sounds like it and sadly once we get the anxiety attacks it does have a negative impact on us. It certainly did me. I'm nothing like I used to be even a year ago as my anxiety has gotten worse but thankfully I asked my gp to refer me for therapy and I started that 3 weeks ago and should start to feel a little like my old self again soon :-) good luck and try and do maybe one thing you used to enjoy and see how you feel after that.


Hi evey37....Its sucks cause it makes ne feel like im going to die or something bad is going to happen to me i tried to be strong but sometimes i cant and thank you for your words i really appreciate it i hope this will end soon :(


hi Isaac1! what you are experiencing sounds like classic anxiety. i have suffered from this on and off over the last 30 years. i have found yoga really helpful. also - the more you read about anxiety the more you will understand your condition. it is really frightening when you are in the middle of it. i would regularly struggle getting home from the shops - feeling so lightheaded, legs turning to jelly and convinced that i would not make it as i was going to faint. i always got home ... and you will too. good luck along the way. xx :) :)


Hi icelolly....Thank you very much i really appreciate your words and i hope this will end one day and god help us to be strong cause this is affecting my life a lot :(


hi Isaac

i have been in this state for about 8 months now. everything seems to go adversely for me.dizzy ,palpitations, nausea,pain in muscles and joints ,feeling weak .the list goes on .

i just commit everything everyday to God and i know a day will come soon when i will be ste free. put your trust in him as we are more than conquerers.


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