Should I even bother making an appointment for anxiety?

I went to the doctors about 6 months ago for the results of a test I had because of my anxiety symptoms. The tests came back fine so I said "Could it be anxiety? How do I get rid of them?"

All the doctor said was "Well it's very likely you suffer from anxiety and I would recommend breathing into a paper bag to overcome your attacks."

Hm, not the best advice. She didn't suggest therapy or medication, just breathe into a bag. So now I feel stupid if I made an appointment to talk about anxiety. The GP's don't seem to care about it or don't take it seriously. I think they think it is a waste of time talking to someone about a mental issue when they can be treating someone with a physical one. This is with an NHS doctor by the way and any future appointments would be with one too.

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  • I think you should see a doctor...When I mentioned it to the most terse gp at the local doctors he just huffed and gave me a self-referral form to psychological services - no advice, nothing...I've been avoiding this dr ever since, lucky there are a few drs there and I've had the nicest one keeping an eye on my weight (lost a lot) and mood every month...what i'd suggest is to ask the surgery if there is a self-referral to psychological services or a gp with an interest in mental health - good luck

  • Hi, is there a different gp at your doctors you could see. When I first went to the doctors with anxiety I asked to see a female doctor and find her really supportive. We also have a mental health nurse at our surgery, so it would be worth enquiring who you are best to book an appt with.

    Let us know how you get on

    Jules x

  • Or get in touch with MIND?

  • Hi there,

    I didnt know i had anxiety but went to the docs to see about dizzy spells and when i got there i burst into tears and said "i needed to forget about being confused for a while, then i can be normal again"...i didnt know where all that came from but she was so lovely. Thats was the first i heard about possibly having anxiety.

  • Totally get what your saying jeo!

    I've been having awful problems with drs, just feel like an idiot at times. Anxiety is very real and sooner the gp's realize this the sooner we can get on!

    I've resorted to reading up on the condition so I can understand what's going on.

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