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Going better by the day

Hey all, its going better and better with me, as I struggle with anxiety. I have Health anxiety and thats mostly what effects me. Mostly its affecting my sleep, and during night and evening, but for the most part its going better and better. I feel better and better, and I feel better and better, but sometims i feel its going worse and worse in some cases, but my symptoms like chest pains and arm pains, checking my puls, googling symptoms and trying to breath correctly is over. Now its just that im afraid of certain stuff. I was feeling really great at the start of the day, but at night its comming back, i think it has something to do with the darkness, even though im not afraid of the dark. It was like when I was driving to the mall to get something I felt a pain in my jaw, and then my chest, and then my stomach, but just a little bit. But im certain its my anxiety, and as I go along with my anxiety, I look forward for everyday that comes, and I try to live a normal life. Im glad I can be more and more relaxed as everyday pass, as this passes at a time. I dont use any medication and Im glad I havent resorted to using it, making me reliable to it.

but as I try to live a normal life, its just stupid that theres stuff that makes me scared, like beeing alone, or driving a car, or thinking i might be scared to death, and stuff like that, I visit a coach, and he makes me feel better every time im there, I just hope this goes over, and I have a little depression from all this, but Im not that depressed during day. I know I can beat this, and this will eventually go way :)

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Hello, glad u r feeling better by the day. Anxiety just seem to get to us more at night, I know it does me. I think it's cuz we r relaxing and so our minds go into over drive. I still hate being on my own. I know I can have really good days even wks. Then it shows up again and I feel like it's getting worser not better again. Then wen I am feeling better I think yes I felt like it was getting worser but I was negative by telling myself here we go again it's a bad day today so tomorrow will be the same. Plus I find it's on my mind more after having a bad day. Hope it keeps getting better and try not to let the bad days get u to down zx


Hi Webegie

So pleased you feel you are getting better. It's really good that you know your symptoms are stemming from anxiety. That's half the battle. I'm very impressed you are determined to get better without medication, I am of the same mind. But I do realise some people need it. My anxiety comes in waves depending what's going on in my life. I find that if I'm ill for a period it can get worse. I worry about my health too and jump to silly conclusions. Have you thought of doing relaxation techniques during the day and especially at bedtime? You will find them online. I clench my jaw at night and sometimes struggle to eat because of the pain. Progressive muscle relaxation helps me relax muscles before I go to sleep. Take care kiki


It's nice to hear that you are feeling better. As others have said, for some reason at night is when we begin to over think. When I first began to deal with anxiety, I too began to feel bad at night even when I had good days. I remeber it did feel like I was afraid of the night when the sun began to set. It's weird to feel that way but I think it's our minds over analyzing.

Keep it up. Positive vibes, relaxation and acceptance helps make everyday a little easier to let go and just enjoy.


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