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Got my therapist appointment tomorrow..

I've had a pretty okay day , I've been sleeping very often lately its probably cause I don't get sleep at night I stay up usually till like 3 in the morning , but I got my therapy appointment tomorrow and idk what I'm gonna ask them lol but i hope everything goes well so wish me luck. I'm trying too be more active since my shoulder is and my neck is still bothering me I should probably go back to my doctor and get a second opinion I just want things too turn around soon.

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Hooray your appointment is nearly here so pleased for you :-)

I am sure your sleeping pattern is what is making you feel tired , we can get into bad habits , but that is something you will adjust as time goes on :-)

Sorry you still have some pain , if it will make you feel better then maybe get a second opinion ( even though I think they will say the same ) but hopefully if you did you would have peace of mind :-)

Looking forward to hearing how your therapy goes & of course I am wishing you good luck :-)





thank you why why for your concerns, yeah my sleeping pattern isn't regular :P, yeah I agree with you about my doctor idk I guess I can just ask again :/ So I finally went too my therapy and I meet the therapist I introduced myself told her my story she was helping me understand why we feel the way we feel like anxiety she gave me more information about the whole chemical aspect of it and stuff so that was pretty cool , she also gave me this app that helps with your anxiety and stuff, i told her about this site and how it helps me get through rough times and she told me too keep posting and replying too people on here, i told her sometimes I get these thoughts about how i have cancer and feel like there is something more wrong with me and she told me I need too stop the thinking process before it gets to the point of no return, I felt somewhat better after leaving but I hd too set up another appointment with a different therapist because the one i saw today she was for teenagers and she doesn't deal with adults so my next appointment is on April 3rd i hate how they are so far apart :P



Why don't you write down what you would like to say to the therapist and take it with you. I know it is hard trying to explain how you feel but if you have it written down you can show them and it also an ice breaker. I hope all goes well for you.



thanks for the advice kenny Ill keep that in mind for my next appointment!! :) it went pretty well I'm feeling kinda down right now just feel sluggish i guess :P


Hi Damien,

Don't think about questions to ask your therapist, he/she will probably prompt you.

You go to the Drs if you think that will help.

Good luck with your therapy session

Take care x


thank you winter it went pretty good just have too set up with different therapist cause the one I saw today was a teenagers so she scheduled me for an adult therapist april 3rd feels so far away :P


Hi damienlee I to don't go to bed till 2.30 - 3 am I have tinnitus along with the anxiety ,my day start at around 10am if tinnitus high anxiety high, but I do sleep ,as with tinnitus a lot of people don't.Try an osteopath they can work wonders and try 20 minutes hot and 20 minutes cold neck and shoulder for most of a day osteopaths advice to me it works I do it for rhinitis too . Good luck x


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