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Its been a while... Just a little update

Ive now been waiting 14 weeks for cbt.. I was told there was a 3 month waiting list so its expected but the longer it goes on the more im feeling down about it all, i have called and they have reassured me that i am on the waiting list and it shouldnt be much longer but they will call me when im top of the list.

I am totally house bound now its like its become a fear of going outside. Just stepping outside my house makes me panic shake and sweat now i honestly never thought it would get this bad.

Also i cant be around anyone now either as im constantly panicking the only time i can relax is when im alone, i cant even relax around my long term partner so i avoid him constantly. If hes downstairs i go upstairs and vice versa.

Also something strange is happening with my heart about once every 2-3 days and when it happens it feels very strange and horrible and it automatically makes me cough after :( its so scary

This is got so bad and i really hope i can acheive my goal of taking my son to his first day at school in september.

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I know how frustrating it is when you are on a waiting list to be seen

I have been waiting to see a psychologist for over a year now & still feel there is a few months yet to wait

I get down like you & I relate to the agoraphobia etc

But I tell myself , I have waited this long , I can just get threw these next few months the benefit will outweigh what it is like now :-)

You will reach that goal , September is a long way of & because you have such a wonderful goal in sight that will give you the strength , you will get there :-)




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I know how frustrating it can be waiting. I too am waiting for a phone call to be assessed to see if I can have CBT.

So you are not alone. Plus I keep checking my phone to see if I have missed the call.

You have a lovely goal of taking you son to school in September I am sure you will do it.

Try some herbal tea to relax They work for me my favourite is calamine and am sure it helps me relax around people also.

Gardener x


Hi and welcome:)

The waiting isn't much fun I know, I had to wait just over a year for mine. As everyone has said you have a goal to look forward to:) you will get there xx


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