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Hope you're all having a wonderful Christmas time!

I know it's already the end of 25th, still wishing you're all having a wonderful Christmas time, hopefully with many good things that help forgetting anxiety for a while!

Must confess I've been away for months and came back only two days ago to post about my extra anxiety during Christmas time, and the words of who replied were so kind and helpful that I thought I should make another post not just with my worries!!! :)

So, still, merry Christmas everyone!! Wishing you all the best! xxx

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Glad you had a lovely Christmas. post when ever you need to always nice to chat.

gardener x


Thank you gardener! Yes, I guess I must come here more often, not only to look for help to deal with my anxiety but also to talk about good things and try to help anyone I can :) hope you also had a merry merry Christmas! :) xxx


Hi anne

Great to see you posting again & I hope the extra pressure you were feeling over Christmas has started to calm down

Its lovely to see you back & as well as sharing the bad times its equally as helpful when we post telling everyone the good times to it gives so much hope to others that maybe struggling

Hope you have a lovely Boxing day :-)





Hi again whywhy :)

yes, the pressure has started to calm down :) and today just spend the day resting and relaxing...some little worries and stresses still present, but a calmer day!

Hope you had a nice day too! And by the way, didn't tell you yet I was happy to see you as Administrator now! :) you're always so kind with everyone, i guess it takes being so generous and selfless to be here all the time to help anyone who's in need feeling better...

Thank you, big hug :) xxx


Hi anne

I seem to have had a similar day to you

I have felt a lot more relaxed today but the anxiety has been in the background trying to get in now & again , but I have told it I am not interested :-/

Thank you for your kind words , I do believe though anyone that generally suffers with anxiety are generous & selfless , maybe part of why we suffer is because we all have big hearts & care so much :-)



Thanks for your Xmas etc. wishes, Anne, which I have just seen. I had a horrendous bout of angst in the 2 weeks leading up to Xmas - although on the Day itself I was OK-ish (note festive apparel).... But have decided that to avoid all this next year to go to a rather interesting Retreat called Othona for a bit of R&R and stress-free festive joy!!!! (I understand it's rather fun there - check it out on google - 2 communes, one near Dorchester and the other on the coast in Essex)... \ Visited GP a couple of days before THE DAY as could not find my script... Horrors!!!!!! But she was really kind, and gave me another one!

Best wishes to all for a Merry post-Xmas time and a Sparkling New Year!!!!!!!!..



Hi Marguerite :)

Checked on the Othona communes and seems an interesting way to spend Christmas or even other holidays, a different environment with less pressure on the 'usual' stuff... :)

Most of all I think we should take to the next year the best memories we got from this year! Even if anxiety didn't let Christmas be 100% perfect, let's think of the good moments we still had, and also about the strength we had to face the less positive ones!

All the best Marguerite, and a happy new year =) xxx


Thank you so much Anne... You are quite right in taking a positive attitude and taking with us the good 'good moments' rather than dwelling on the angst-ridden ones! In fact, yesterday when I focussed on what to do with old friend Brian who helped with the hoovering etc. - and we had lots of music going -- so ended up having a wonderful time! Hence the festive attire. Thank you for your empowering suggestions...

Wishing you a wonderful New Year - and take special care;

Bestest - Marguerite xxx


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