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Hypnic jerks,any1???

Hi,just seeing if anybody has had's happened to me 3 times in 2 and a half months,as u feel yourself drifting off to sleep all of a sudden you get this rush and you jolt up!sometimes I give up trying to sleep as it keeps happening in one it's not a regular thing,but 3 times is enough.anybody that can in light me why this happens would be much appreciated x

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Yes , it feels like you are falling as well & wakes you up with a jolt !!!

Its the muscles relaxing that causes this to happen or so I have read

Makes sense as when we have anxiety we to tend to tense our muscles even without realizing we are !

This has happened to me that many times I have lost count , I have got used to it now & even though it still makes me jump when it happens I realize what it is & then I ignore it





I've always wondered why that happens. it happens to me occasionally. I just thought it was me making myself jump when I was falling asleep. It's something that's never worried me, just wondered what it was! Xx



I had a night of it the other night when I was off work ill, ever time I nearly fell asleep my whole body would jerk, it was horrible and I had the worst sleep. I think it's purely anxiety so I tend not to worry about it. Xx


Dear Porgie,

Yes I sometimes get this but luckily not often it can be very disconcerting. Luckily I generally manage to get back to sleep ok. I wonder if getting your body to relax before you go to sleep might help.



I too have had this happen. And it does suck because you can go from being super sleepy to wide awake. I try not to think about it too much and it only happens occasionally. I think it might be part of the 'fight or flight' like your body is tired but the mind is still prepared to run or vise versa.



Yes I have had this before. I think most folk get it at some time in their life. It can be very unsettling! And makes our frustrations worse if not sleeping well or have anxiety. I try to just accept it as an annoying event that I can't control. Remind myself that it can't harm snd will pass. X


I get this happening at least once a week,weird but I can cope,bet it happens tonite bit stressed as my beloved pet turned on and bit me at tea time,god it knocked me sick,don't worry I'm up to date on my tetanus,just got a vey sore hand,


I get this now and again and i always think how annoying when im just going to sleep x


Thanks for every1s replys!!thats a relieve then nothing to worry about then,slept like a baby last night so all is good.hope u all are :) Porgie x


Try having a banana before bed! I read somewhere that it helps the muscles to relax!


Iv`e had that happen to me in the past, but not so much nowadays. Iv`e read about these, & theyr`e called hypnogogic jerks, & are normal, just the brain switching gears as it falls asleep. I used to wake with a start having dreamt that I was falling downstairs.


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