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Neck feels bad im worrying

Hi all really worried about my neck I've been checked over & told it's okay but I know it's not I keep waiting for an improvement but it's not happening. It feels swollen left side also a bit stiff. My mind's in overdrive thinking the worst as usual but this has been going on since September 2013. It's not like there is something in my throat like globus it's more like swollen glands. Any advice would be appreciated guys. I've been doing ok taking the meds & I've got counciling this afternoon it's just this neck problem.

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Do you think it might be muscular for instance a trapped nerve or has this been ruled out? Do you take any medication for the neck and does this help ? If you do think it might be muscular and you can afford it, it might be worth seeing a physiotherapist. The other thing you could try if it is musculsr is alternating icepacks and hot water bottles. if it does persist then I suggest going back and perhaps seeing a different doctor to get a second opinion.



It could be muscular im not sure i hope it is it's definitely not trapped nerve I don't know really. It is uncomfortable i know that it just won't go away. I think physio is a great suggestion I know a great guy who could help for £40 an hour but it's worth going if it helps. Maybe see what the doc thinks AGAIN. I'm not taking any meds for it.

Thanks for the reply MR.


Hi Cherub

It is really hard when we are having problems physically & the GP says everything is ok yet we can still feel the pain or swelling & then the fear tells us it is something bad & then of course we feel in an anxious state all the time & if you are like me I am checking it out every 2 minutes each time thinking it feels worse !

I had a little lump that I felt on my neck a few months ago , I went into a panic fearing it was the worse , went to the GP , she told me she felt it was nothing , well I latched onto the words " she felt it was nothing " she needed to say it was NOT anything 100% !

So I pushed & she reluctantly sent me to the hospital to have it checked out , I went convinced they were going to tell me the worse to be told it was nothing , could be a swollen gland or basically it was just my neck the way it was !!!

Are you sleeping comfortably , I wake up some days & cant even move my neck as I have slept in a funny position & it has stayed hurting for days after

You could have little glands that swell slightly this can be quite common in some people

Mention this fear at your counselling this afternoon , talking it through does help

Trust your GP that it is nothing serious , more than their job would be worth to say everything was ok if it wasn't , but if it is causing you discomfort you could go back & ask what more they could do to help

Let us know how you get on





Hello whywhy hope you're well.

last time I went to my gp with my neck problem she said don't mess with it don't prod it if you're going to

feel & poke mess with the other side !!! She then checked me over & said she had no concerns. The problem to me is that if anything it's a bit worse not better I mentioned it to my councilor today and she said to try more relaxation exercises but every day it's there nagging at me almost all day. My councilor was happy with my progress it's just these physical symptoms they just won't leave me alone. We bought some new pillows the weekend but I don't think its that I just don't know. Before I stopped googling my physical symptoms i came across nymphus that really freaked me out. Thanks for your advice whywhy I really appreciate the help. Xxx .


I think what you googled will be playing on your mind it always used to do that to me , I am sure that's not what you have got though or the doctors would know if you had

If its painful go back & ask what more than can do but sometimes when we can let go of the fear the pain goes any way

You are doing really well though & have come a long way :-)



Hi Cherub.

Because your mind is in overdrive is why you think your neck is swollen, If the doc has checked it I am sure he would tell you if there was anything to be concerned about. Maybe if you talked to your councillor about it and say how it is effecting you it might serve to ease your mind.

Take care Kenny xxxx


Yes I can see where you're coming from Kenny councilor said to try more relaxation exercises. It's just not getting better if anything it's a bit worse. Thanks for the advice I could really do with a break from these physical symptoms.


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