Well got my teeth sorted ,as my gp has upped the dose of my citalopram to 20mg.also got bad throat and mouth doc thinks its oral thrush after all my a/b, he's took a throat swab to check,also I'm down for more injections in my poorly wrist joints and fingers in 3wks,as he is the only one in the practice what does these jabs,my last ltwas in sept,ther painful to have done but they work thank god,been out and about today so panic attacks now not as bad thank god,apart from my dental visit not too bad a day

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  • Nice to hear you're getting sorted. Well done for getting out and getting it done xx

  • I was dreading it but iv got a new dentist and he's marvellous,when I saw him getting the needle I felt sick with nerves ,but have to say I never felt a thing ,fantastic,my old dentist allways hurt me and allways put far too much anaesthetic in so my mouth would be numb for hrs,whereas today it wore off after 90mins ,marvellous,so glad I changed my dentist,and this one is on the estate were I live so no taxi fares ,sorted, hugs xxxxx

  • hi meg, well done going to dentist, hope your throat is a little better, jasper xx

  • Not at the mo,doc has given e difflan spray for my throat,ye not a bad day xxx hugs

  • Evening meg

    Sounds like you are getting things sorted and are nice and positive which is always good to hear.

    Gardener x

  • Thank u love xxx

  • Hopefully spring is not far away Hun xxxx

  • Dear Meg,

    Glad you got to the dentist and got sorted and the panic attacks have subsided a little. I can definitely hear birds singing so i think spring is coming and maybe some better weather. Hopefully going cycling later, friends coming round at 10.

    I think you should save up the taxi fares and give yourself a little treat that's what i do when I save on bus fares or parking charges by cycling.

    Hope your day is good.


  • Taking 1day at a time,I think I can cope with that ,I rejoice in good days xxxx

  • Hi meg

    So pleased they saved your tooth , now be careful when you have your next cream egg unless this experience has put you of them :-/

    Hope you are feeling a lot better today :-)




  • No I won't have another bev,I will when my throat clears up,got a spray to be going on with every couple of hrs,how ru have u been anywhere?

  • Hi meg

    Bless you , I hope it clears up soon :-)

    I was thinking I remember when you didn't talk much on the forum & its lovely seeing how you come on now chatting with everyone :-)

    I am still suffering with this migraine so been trying to avoid the screen so much to see if it will help settle it down , but otherwise I am ok thank you :-)


  • Yes I am enjoying coming on here ,people have been so very kind with my illness and panic disorder, I know I may come on here and find a friend ,like your good self and help,iv found sometimes in the past in the middle of the night which is the worst time for someone with depression I have found someone to talk to and feel a bit better,as u may have read my gp has upped my a/d dose for a month or two,but thinks I'm doing well,as u seem to have noticed also,grt feeling isn't it?

  • :-)


  • xxxxxx

  • Im going to put a color on my hair later,and go for a manicure tomoz,a little treat for me ha ha xxxx

  • Oh good for you meg you deserve a treat & I hope it gives you a little boost , doing your hair or been pampered is always a good treat :-)


  • Yes I'm looking forward to it love

  • Have been reading in bed chest started to tighten for no reason in particular ,checked sats and peak flow ,good as per usual,funny how these weird anxious feeling come and go,have been a bit worried bout my throat though,feel a bit rough with it,iv used my throat spray today and took pain killers,got to ring fri for results of throat swab I had yest,haven't had a throat this bad for awhile,think il up the echinacea tomoz xxxx

  • Hi meg

    Just spotted this before I logged of

    Could be having a little bit of anxiety as you have been through such a lot this week

    Hope you manage to have a good nights sleep , I need one I am shattered

    I hope you feel a lot better tomorrow



  • Thanks bev,haven't slepttoo bad ,manicureday today,hope uv sleptok hugsxxxxx

  • Hi Meg hope you are ok can you take my fingers too. Take care and enjoy your manicure. Xx

  • Ok then xxx

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