Dental phobia

Hello Everyone.

I have had anxiety on and off for many years. Yesterday while I was eating lunch I cracked a small bit off my molar tooth.

My dental appointment isn't until next Wednesday and I'm petrified! I can't see another dentist as I have built up trust in my regular dentist.

I am not sleeping or eating and I just don't know how to get through the next few days.

Help please.... thank you x


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9 Replies

  • Don't worry you will be fine Your dentist will be understanding and used to nervous patients If your tooth is just chipped it's not going to be major work to be done

    What is it you fear exactly Going to the dentist isn't like it used to be I do understand but honestly it will be ok Wednesday will soon come round and be over

    Lots of deep breathing Have a look on you tube there are lots of relaxation videos they might even have one for dental phobia x

  • Thank you xxx

  • I wish I could give you a cuddle Barb and make you feel less worried but I'll send a hug 😉

  • Thank you.

    Big cyber hugs back to you x

  • I remember as a child the dentist was a place of horror but now it's fine I can't remember going and it being horrible at all since being an adult Even having a couple of teeth out they gave me sedation and although I was wide awake I didn't know a thing Its such a different world now Will you let me know how it goes you will be so happy when you get home xx

  • Yes I will. Thank you x

  • I will look forward to your happy message on Weds x

  • Just looked on you tube and there are relaxtion videos for dental phobia x

  • Call your Dentist. I'm sure he can help you with this. Pam

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