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Dental anxiety

Due to my anxiety I avoided seeing the dentist for 4/5 years. Finally mild tooth pain forced me to go, I required a filling which I've just had done, also have booked app. with hygenist which I'm terrified of, have bad recession on lower front tooth and had been told to be careful with gum disease in the past, now I am totally freaking out it will have gone too far and will lose my teeth. Dentist didn't mention but he did prod one side of my gums, I think to check for pockets. Also convinced filling won't solve problem and I have a gum infection or something much worse. He did do x rays, but maybe he missed bone loss etc. from gum disease. I have to wait another month for hygenist and will completely catastrophise in that time.

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I have always had a fear of the dentist but I have a really good dentist who knows me so well and all my fears and she really is great with me and explains everything to me to keep any anxiety at bay 

Next time if you have not already explain to your Dentist how anxious you are and how you worry and would it be alright for them to explain certain things that worry you 

I am sure if there was anything major they would have said more and would have booked you in for even more treatment and not just left you 

You can start taking more care by using mouthwash which is for gums and brushing as well as flossing , I used to think O no need for all this but after having a lot of treatment done I no longer think that and I do all this daily and it really does help 

When we have anxiety we are so negative , the times to I have worried the filling may not stay in place and so on yet why should it not do ? 

But even if the worse happened ( which I am sure it son't ) and the filling for some reason does not stay put they then can crown them 

Dentist are all for saving teeth so they will always find a way to save any teeth that are worth saving so try and be reassured there job is to make sure you have a nice smile :-)

Take Care x

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Hi, thanks for your reply. The filling seems fine so far just a bit sensitive. I already floss everyday etc. with no blood but have receded gum on front bottom tooth and I'm convinced I'm going to lose it, have been reading all sorts 😢 looking into denturescetc. I guess I have to wait to see what hygenist says, but that's over a month away. In the meantime have brought myself a new flashy elec toothbrush and an air flosser!

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O that is good news :-)

They can be sensitive to start with even for a couple of weeks till they settle so that all sounds normal :-)

Please stop looking on Google , it will have you with a set of dentures by tomorrow lol :-D

I actually lost one of my front teeth , can you imagine !

But you know what Dentists are so good now that they did what you call a Bridge and you cannot tell it is not my real tooth so if the worse ever did come to the worse which I really don't think it will they would do a bridge and a one tooth bridge is nothing  , receding gums are something most of us have especially as we get older but it does not mean our teeth are going to fall out just means we need to take some extra care to make sure we do keep them :-)  

Sounds like it has given you a good reason to treat yourself :-)

Just be steady with the electric tooth brush near your gums as sometimes they can be a bit harsh and make them bleed , I know this because it happened to my Son , he still users one he just does not put any pressure on his gums and turns it down on the low setting 

Let us know what the hygienist says but again I am sure your anxiety is blowing this up , it loves to do that , helps it keep hold of us ! 

Have a nice weekend :-)


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Thanks so much for all your advice, I am feeling slightly calmer now (must stop googling!). Have a lovely weekend too xx


Hi Move. 

My partner had the same anxiety issues, but we found a really good dentist and we explained how he felt. I actually had to go with him, he needed a few fillings and a good clean but nothing serious. He found baking soda and salt in warm water really helped his gums. 

Take care x 


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