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Anxiety back

Hi All.

Been ok for the past couple of months then decided to go away for a week just England I may ad as have not been abroad for a 3 years since I first felt anxiety.It's strange I managed 35 years with no sign of it then suddenly here it is. I would love to go abroad but could not do that now as to worried about being and feeling ill while away from home in another country.After the first day away woke up with a headache which stayed with me all week also sickness mainly feeling but was sick once and now got a new one of awful heartburn. Is so hard I do know 99% percent its anxiety but when it happens I forget all that and think I must be really ill to feel so ill can anyone relate to this with feelings etc.

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Hi Miami, I'm sorry to hear your anxiety came back. Yes I can convince myself that I'm ill when really it's the anxiety. I'm worrying so much that I might be ill that I do get ill. If I get a pain I convince myself there is something wrong then I go into a complete downer on myself, I sit on the settee getting mad at people and feeling very low with myself!

I'm trying at the moment to convince myself that it is anxiety and nothing else, easier said than done!

Take care xx



Thank you for your reply. Also wondered what sort of symptoms you get? The daily feeling sick and headaches is the worse for me.


Hi Miami,

my dd feels sick most days, but her greatest fear is being sick so.......I do know that anxiety has this effect with some people, afraid I don't have any great suggestions right now but I'm sure others will be along soon.

Hope you're ok



Hi Miami,

I am new to coping with anxiety and depression. I have just booked a trip for May and am concerned about having a panic attack while I'm away from the comfort of my home. The best thing I can say is try to enjoy yourself and live in the now. I know the symptoms are hard and it's hard to distinguish if it's anxiety or a real illness.

Know that you have done it before and it's amazing that you went so long without feeling this way. Believe in yourself especially since you have conquered this in the past.


Hi sorry your anxiety is high at the present moment, and it spoilt your holiday,in the way of headaches. I know how you feel about going abroad, all the if's come out, what if I am ill, what if I spoil my friends holiday, what if I'm tired etc.etc. When we know that there are hospitals abroad, and that nothing like that will happen. I managed to go abroad last year with my family, who know me well, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself once getting there.

Do your headaches linger for 1 week, and do you take tablets?

Eunice xx


Hi Eunice.

It's strange the last 3 times I have been away I have been ill, feeling very sick, tired and worried something really bad will happen while I'm away, Then as soon as I get home I feel better it's an awful thing. In answer to your question I have never had headaches in the past but get around 12-15 a month now always starting behind my eyes, sometimes can last 2-3 days if its bad.


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