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been having good days.

I've been in bed cause I popped my sternum and I've been in a lot of pain but no anxiety and I'm feeling pretty good hopefully I heal up soonish so i can go back too the gym, Ive been eating a lot this past couple of days and I'm proud of myself for that,im feeling kinda antsy right now but I should be okay.

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morning damenin,

you sound a lot better than you did a few days ago sounds like you well on the way to recovery from your injury.

keep up the good work and take it slow when you go back to the gym.

gardener x



I am proud of you to :-)

Well done with the eating regular meals it does make a difference to how we can feel if we are letting our bodies have the nutrition they need , it doesn't solve everything but it certainly helps :-)

I am sure your injury will heal & when it does go steady when you go back to the gym until you are back to full fitness which I am sure you will be soon :-)





thanks why why appreciate it very much, Yeah I'm feeling a lot better then the last couple of days, I just get depressed when i sit at home all day :P


Hi there :-)

I think when we are sat at home all day it can make us feel depressed & can give us to much time to think !

Try & find as much as you can to keep yourself occupied while you are having to rest to distract you mind from any negative thoughts that might keep trying to creep in !

Hope you are feeling a lot better today :-)



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