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I've been suffering with health anxiety now for 2 years,I haven't been on here for a long while as I've been ok and learned how to control my symptoms but a few wks ago my friend got rushed to hospital as a blood vessel popped in her head causing a blood clot,now I think it's going to happen to me,I keep getting sensations in my head and feel as if I'm going to pass out,I've just bought a car I've always wanted and struggling to drive it,can anyone help me??

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Hi Warkie,

HA is such an awful condition. Your mind is like an antennae on constant alert for evidence of whatever you're most afraid of. Newspapers, tv programmes (I've given up watching the soaps), conversations, even posters on the bus (if I had my own way I'd disband the Health Promotion Agency) are enough to set it off and I'll be in a spiral for weeks.

Then it happens someone you know has something terrible happen ... Oh love, I really feel for you. I know what a state I'd be in and you feel so guilty because it hasn't actually happened to you. I'm still struggling to deal with a relative having a stroke over six months ago.

I haven't really got a lot of advice apart from to recognise it as the anxiety. It is not symptoms of anything wrong - it is the anxiety. Every time you get the thoughts or the feelings try to let them go past. Acknowledge their presence but don't interact with them. Tell yourself it will pass and it will.

Do not let it stop you going out in your lovely new car.

You've worked hard for it and you deserve to enjoy your car. Make little journeys - little and often - until you start to feel more confident again.

I hope you feel better soon :)



Thank u for your reply,I've been great for the past 6 months with my anxiety,my anxiety all stems from my dad having a heart attack,he's fine now but all the worrying back then started me with anxiety


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