Not sleeping argh!

Not sleeping argh!

Hi everyone x I'm really starting to get fed up of this not sleeping lark! I feel as though I'm the only one in the world whose awake. It now 2.00am and not even tired. Every time I close my eyes thoughts are whirling round and round in my head and it's ridiculous I know but can't stop them! Soo frustrating and I know I'll want to stay in bed late tomorrow. I don't want to get into the habit of being up all night and in bed half the next day!! Oh well rant over I'll try again now gnite any one who is still awake xx



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6 Replies

  • Hi Ruby

    I know whay you mean, not sleeping puts you all out of sorts, I usually imagine lying on a beautiful beach somewhere in gorgeous sunshine and the lapping of the ocean gently covers my feet and I feel so sleepy. Unfortunately it doesn't always work!!, I suppose it's according to how badly my anxiety is affecting me at the time. I can't really offer advice because everyone has their own reasons why they are not sleeping but we do need to be feeling relaxed and set any worries to the back of the mind, (easier said than done, I know).

    I hope you've managed to drop off and you're sleeping soundly by now. All the best x

  • Hi ruby4me

    I have exactly the same problem I'm on 50mcg levothyroxine and take 30mg of lansaprazole a day its got to be the medication with me or my thyroid isn't in balance just now are you on any medication that's making you suffer your insomnia I have systemic lupus and terrible IBS too so not sleeping makes me more anxious which doesn't help my medical conditions I hope you find a solution soon not sleeping is very annoying

  • Hi Ruby...I'm also on the same meds as you are....also have had awful IBS since being put in strong antibiotics last June.....also suffer from insomnia....I take 10mg Phenergen quite's really for travel sickness ant's non-addictive....a doctor down the surgery recommended it to me..not my usual can buy it over the counter in the chemist or I get mine from the pharmacy at the supermarket.

    The antibiotics also gave me an irregular heartbeat which is really weird and scary....I've seen the cardiologist and am waiting to discuss results of tests with my usual doctor.

    He did think maybe I was being 'over treated' with the thyroxine....we shall see...trouble is you can't sleep when your heartbeat is fast or jumping about.

  • Hi, I hope you got some sleep. Have a look at the pinned post about tips for sleep it might help

    Take care xx

  • Hi Ruby4me

    Don't get me started on sleep Ruby!! Last night same old same old. It is so frustrating when the land of nod eludes me. You can't stop thinking about this that and the other!!

    Then I get up have a hot drink and hope when I go back to bed I'll fall asleep. But no such luck. Then a couple of hours I repeat the same thing all over again.

    Then next day I feel awful.

    So I do know how you feel


  • Hi Fran, yes this is me to a T. Lucky I don't have to get up for work:( would have been sacked for nodding off! Hey ho! X


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