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Self esteem is the way we view ourselves, the thoughts we have about ourselves and the value we place on ourselves as people.What is a 'balanced view'?

If you have low self esteem it's likely that you'll have difficulty acknowledging and celebrating your positive qualities.

Developing a balanced view, by learning to acknowledge and appreciate your positive qualities,is a way to improve self esteem.

There is no real evidence that appreciating your positives will lead to smugness or complacency, or be met with criticism or disapproval from others.

A clear, realistic assessment of your strong points is a vital part of good self esteem.

Ignoring or undervaluing your good points keeps low self esteem going.

Negative Bias

Having low self esteem can be like being a post box - you only accept what fits with what you are used to. We reject anything which does not match the slot. In doing this we accumulate matching information.

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Dear Dark Angel,

Thank you for posting this. I hope you found your seession helpful it sounds like you did.



Yes I did, hope this helps someone cope better.


Hi darkangel

when I was at my lowest I got my closest friends and family to wrote down my qualities for me as I didn't think I had any. I was really surprised that they thought I had so many lovely qualities, it still makes me cry to read them all

Jules x


I find it very difficult to find any qualities as I think very negative about myself.


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