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Ok so today i start on my 20mg of Citalopram and i hope it helps.

10mg was goin ok until the last 3/4 days when my anxiety seemed to come back for short periods a day!!

im back to thinking I have some form of Cancer again and cant stop poking and prodding my stomach area.

i feel fine as in not tired or ill, feel fresh and have energy and happy most of the time,

I just can not get this anxiety to go!

where im poking around i'm feeling loads of small lumps just below my ribs and on my stomach muscles, and the other feeling i get is on my right side i can feel my top or jacket against it, almost like its a wet top sticking to it!

These things are driving me and my wife mad!!!

I dont want to go to the doctors again as he will just say its my IBS and Anxiety.

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Hi Mckean I went through what you are going through quite a few years ago. I had cervical cancer 20 years ago I was told if I didn't have operation ASAP they couldn't guarantee my life. Since then I too had problems with my stomach and was checking for lumps and had the same symptoms as you. I drove my doctor and my husband mad my doctor told me several times it was IBS this went on for 12 months in the end my husband paid private for me to see a consultant who performed a berium anenama believe you me you don't want one of those not nice. Guess what nothing found so it was IBS and Anxiety. In future I will listen to my doctor my husband was £500 lighter in his bank. Take care


Hi there,

it is always strange when we start poking about our bodies and wonder what is going on. then are mind tends to go in to over drive with things. I am no doctor but if you feel fine in all other areas of your life do you think it could be your anxiety playing tricks on you? if it gets to much go back to docs and explain what you have said on here to put your mind at rest.

I went to the dentist twice when I thought something was gong on with me teeth as I was driving myself nuts about it.

Gardener x



Oh please stop poking & prodding you will always find something that you think shouldn't be there , I used to do the same !

Even now I try not to study myself to much or I would be convinced I had found something !

It does sound like anxiety & IBS which can be very painful , your GP will be right , I know it can be difficult but try & trust them as they wouldn't leave you if they thought it was anything else , would be more than their job was worth !

Tell yourself every time you get the urge that for the next hour you wont keep podding & then another hour until you can go a whole day without & eventually you stop

Or try the elastic band around your wrist & flick it when you feel you want to have a prod !





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