Proud Nana today

Hi everyone,I've been feeling so good for a good few days now,but thought I'd have a major meltdown today.My grandson passed his driving test yesterday,and today drove himself to college for the first I always get into a state about any of my family having an accident when they're driving(irrational,I know),I expected to have a panic attack today.Cant tell you how pleased I am with myself,cos I DIDNT.Was a little worried until he phoned to say he was home,but that was all.cant believe how good I feel.Really hope many of you feel as good as me right now!

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  • Hi

    That's great news :-)

    I know how you feel my daughter has to travel a lot & drives miles & I am always thinking about her but I have learnt not to panic so it is not a silly thought

    I am so pleased you are feeling good , you have done well :-)




  • Thanks why why,feel as if my coping mechanisms are starting to work,and I'm enjoying feeling good for as long as it lasts .Anne xxxx

  • I feel like that when my daughters drive back to see us ... we are 5 hours away from them.

    I am always on edge until I get a text to say they are home safely and they have both been driving for many years.

    I think it's quite natural really .... we are just being protective of our own.

    Glad you didn't panic..... WELL DONE. And that you are feeling good. Love Julie xx

  • Thanks Julie,it's nice to know I'm not the only one who feels like that.Hope your ok too.Anne x

  • Hi lowtown I too am feeling great today

  • That's good to hear.long may it last xxxx

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