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Finding it so hard at the moment

Hi everyone, I have been having the feeling of waves.of ice cold running through my body, has anyone else had this experience, the doctor gave me tablets and they helped with the crying, but I ended up in hospital, I am having tests on my heart but they think it is more anxiety, I have other health problems and usually cope very well , but these feelings are really frightening me can Any one help thanks

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HI beams, i get rushes of hot and cold up and down my body, ive always been told its anxiety but i had the same symptons yesterday and it turned out to be a kidney infection. always get it checked out. x


Hi beams, I get those too especially on one side of my face, freaks me out as I always think 'stroke' if it's not my face it's straight down my middle like a trickle of ice cold water has just been poured into me.


Hi hollow that's exactly what I get like I've ice cold watergoing


Through me I get quite frightened when this happens and nobody seems to have an explanation for it


To be honest beams I'm getting to the point where I've almost given up trying to think what it is or any of the other stuff to that matter. I'm living in hope that either one day it will go or I will stop noticing it. It is an odd feeling though given as there is no natural cold 'fluid' inside the human body.


Sorry beams that doesn't sound too helpful now I look at it. Guess what I'm saying is I accept it is anxiety and try not to pay much attention to it (I appreciate that is always easier said than done) I guess we are both still here to tell the tale of the weird cold water feeling so it can't be doing us much, if any, harm, it's been happening to me for some time now so if it is it's taking its time!


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