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stressing out after Doctors visit, but should i??


I think i suffer from Health anxiety, as posted a few days ago. any way I found a lump on Sat, couldnt tell if it was hard or soft and felt like it moved but not sure, went to the doctors on Mon and he had his feel, then said its Epididymitis, said hes 100% sure, seen it 100s of times

Now at 1st i was relieved, then I left and thought, What if he didnt feel it properly??

could he of missed it??

Now I have to go back in 3 weeks to talk about my Health anxiety, how can i stop myself from thinking this until then? everyone is saying im being stupid and a doctor knows what they are looking for.

Again its a bit of a odd question but is my anxiety getting in the way of the truth?

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Anxiety has a habit of making everything seem a million times worse than it is and that is what is happening here too.

Your doctor couldn't say they were 100% sure if they were not ......doctors wouldn't say that as they could get in big trouble so they HAVE to be 100% sure to say it.

Good luck in getting your Health Anxiety sorted, take care. PL


Hi. mckean. Now drop the idea that you are being stupid. It is definitely NOT stupid to be anxious! Pennylane is so right. Read what she says again, take it in because it is the TRUTH.

To try and stop yourself thinking is impossible. The only way to do that is to be either unconscious or dead and you are neither. Go with the thoughts there but do not give them so much importance. They are only thoughts and thoughts cannot kill you. Half the population of the country would be dead if they could!! I am not in any way diminishing your feelings. They can be powerful and overwhelming. But see them for what they are. Thoughts that occur because you are tired by the constant thrashing that you give yourself. Your last question is not 'odd'. The answer is yes, it is. Anxiety tends to override the Truth. We do not see clearly; anxiety clouds the picture and our judgement. Come back and let us know how you get on. Best wishes and blessings. jonathan.


Hi. I've had health anxiety off and on for 20 years and I know exactly what you're thinking.

I had my regular bi-yearly eye test three weeks ago and all was fine. Now I'm worrying in case the optician missed something medically important.

It's a symptom of our illness - nothing more.

BTW - I've had a lump on the back of my shoulder for many years and when I showed it to a doctor back then they said it was a cyst and to forget it.


yea i keep thinking hes a professional, hes done this 100s of times, if he had even the slightest doubt he would have referred me to hospital.

I hate feeling like this and just hope that in 3 weeks when i go back to see him, its cleared up and we start the journey of sorting out my Anxiety issue


Hi. mckean.Can you see that if anything was seriously wrong you GP would not leave it three weeks before your next appointment. Take heart. We do upset ourselves, don't we? Best wishes. jonathan.


Hi, I suffer with health anxiety so I know what you feel. Your dr would be sued for millions if he wasn't sure. even if he had the slightest query he wouldn't have said that. He also said he had seen it many times before so he is an expert on this particular thing and has had experience. If the worry gets too bad make a sooner apt and you can sort your health anxiety and get further reassurance. You are fine and you know that its the anxiety that puts these what ifs in your


Hi, I'm currently suffering anxiety and everything that goes with it after having recently been treated for cancer and it is perfectly normal feelings u r having i also have all these out of proportion ideas every visit I have to hospital, but these r professionals and very rarely get things wrong, and that's coming from someone wo has felt the brunt of that but i still trust them. Hope that helps :) x


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