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Once again feeling so rough

I was doing so well, still feeling good and then it started again. Sore neck and back of head, makes my head feel heavy and dizzy. Been feeling cold on and off and sleeping alot. Ear drops are working and removing wax but I can't keep on feeling this way. It goes and comes back quicker then before. If I move my head around, I feel dizzy. I did find out my Granddad and Mum suffer with Meniere's disease and worried I've got that now feeling this way. It can't just be a bad bug but maybe it's anxiety but I can't cope anymore to be honest.

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Hi Cardiff.

Sorry to hear your not feeling to good, I hope you feel better soon.

Kenny xxxx


Hi Kenny-w I am feeling sort of better today but this neck/head pain isn't nice. I also got a snotty email off my boss at the New Theatre, I've not worked for weeks now due to feeling this way, well I don't get paid for it. He did ask why I will gracing them at the training and do a shift next week. I did say I would do it but now I feel like telling him to f off and don't bother me. I can't do much if feeling sick


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