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Hi everyone, I've posted on here before about my chronic tension headaches. I'm off sick from work and very stressed. As a result my headaches are much worse. As a result of this my anxiety has gone through the roof. I cannot stop thinking I will never get better, never work again and lose my girlfriend and end up alone. I sleep ok one day, feel a bit better but have a whole day ahead of me to ruminate. Then I don't sleep and feel awful. My headache is terrible and all my fears rise to the surface. I seen my GP again and she seemed at a bit of a loss and prescribed propanolol. I took 20mg this morning and it made me feel terrible, headache worse. I getting more and more anxious and depressed and at my whits end. I know I've posted all this before but if anyone has any fresh insights I would really appreciate it.


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  • Hi, I'm new to the forum as well, I'm sorry to hear how bad you are feeling, I have suffered with anxiety on and off or most of my life and know the terrible feelings of despair, these feelings always pass you just have to remember that we create our own anxiety by replaying our thoughts which heightens the bad feeling, try get out in fresh air, be kind to yourself, what kind advice would you give to a friend if they told you they felt as bad as you do ... Take that advice, not many of us are actually kind to ourselves .. We just beat ourselves up about how we feel and how useless we feel, things will get better, you have your girlfriend a job and things to look forward too, try and put some posertive goals in place however small to increase your confidence.

    On wards and upwards

  • Thank you for this, brilliant thoughts.

  • You welcome ... You are not alone so many of us suffer and feelmlike you at sometime it's just learning to manage and live with it! It will pass

  • Try taken a hot shower at night and drink hot cup coco

  • Hi there I take the same drug but had to go down to 10mg twice a day because they made me feel unwell. Have take th now over a year cannot say they doe any good but if I did not have them I may be worse. Also take diazapam 5mg as required. Good look margaret xx

  • Hi, I'm also new to this forum. I also suffer terribly with tension headaches. Sometimes they sure that bad I can't even put my head on the pillow. I also get bad neck pain too. I have found that camomile tea helps, as does a cool compress on the back of the neck and/or across the forehead.

    I have terrible anxiety which us a lot worse at night. Have you tried meditation? I was advised to try this by a holistic therapist. I downloaded some free apps to my iPad and when I'm feeling particularly anxious or have a panic attack I make myself a cup of camomile tea, pop my headphones on and listen to a meditation session. It helps me to relax and feel calmer.

    I hope you are soon feeling less anxious. Take care x

  • Hi there. I suffer with terrible anxiety sometimes and thoughts just go around and around in my head until I think I am going to have a heart attack. At the moment I am having an OK time so I thought I would try and help someone else. Have you had any therapy for your anxiety at all?? Its all very well treating the symptoms but the cause must be treated before things can get better. Have you had CBT? I was advised to get a nice notepad or book and just write a short sentence each day about something good that happened in the day. There is always something positive if you look for it. Even if its just 'the sun was shining'. Then, when I am feeling obsessive and down on everything, I look in the book and it shows me a fairer perspective on things, i.e. that not everything BAD is happening in my life and its just the way I am viewing things at the moment. Try it and see if it helps. I hope so. x

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