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Busy day - Seeing Dad in Panto time!

It's hard to believe in 4 days it's CHRISTMAS DAY! How exciting is that?!? Not been into work as I am still feeling unwell, can't shake this bug and my ribs are still sore (I do love Tiger Balm, it's works so well) I am off today to see my Dad in Panto. He helps out at BillBoard Ensemble Barry’s premiere Amateur Dramatics company. This year he's the voice of the giant in Jack and The Beanstalk, which is also the Panto at work! I am really looking forward to it and also catching up with my Cousin Hannah who is coming along, not seen her for ages.

I would like to thank the total idiot by me for setting off fireworks at 1am! I wonder if they know it's against the law to do that?!? Not like they care to be honest. I wanted to slap them for waking me with a start.

So my plans today are enjoy the Panto, get more fresh air and chill out. Also the idea of chips and curry for dinner makes me smile haha!

Have a great day everyone :)

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Hello Cardiff.

Good to hear you have got a day planned it must be 60 years since I last saw a panto you do sound exited, and the curry and chips sounds great. Hope you have a great day.

Kenny :D xxx



Sounds like you have a nice day to look forward to :-)

It lovely when we catch up with friends & family we haven't seen in a while , lots to talk about :-)

Enjoy your tea later :-)





hi Cardiff, sounds like a great day to me, o/h wants to try this tiger balm as well, have you ever thought of joining a panto with your dad that would be fantastic, have a lovely day & a relaxed evening, save a chip for me. xxx


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