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Today is the best I have felt for weeks .......BUT !! Was helping friends catch and load an unhandled 2 yo colt (horse) any way two half hours later . It was quiet warm and dusty , we drank water . I came home and rode my horse for about 20 mins . When I got off and bent over my heart went into speed mode pounding out of my chest , and this happened every time I bent over to pick stuff up ?? Why did this happen and what is it after a great day . So pissed off 😡 😩😩 and a tad scary


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  • Over sensitized reaction to your bodies normal functions, this is what keeps sufferers stuck in the anxiety cycle, we become so over sensitized that we notice every sensation our body has, I guarantee that without anxiety you wouldn't of even noticed that sensation, and even if you did, you'd of brushed it aside as unimportant, often our bodies produce all manner of random sensations, it's just our bodies working naturally, we can't always explain it, there's not always an answer but an over sensitized body n mind will search for answers even when they don't need too, don't let things set you back, keep practicing having your good days, your not alone xxx

  • suzie482 I was like what that as I didn't have a care in the world . But it was pounding so hard and fast and my legs nearly went from under me , and for a few minutes I felt disoriented?? Is this normal . I have just had tea and stood up and happened again , but coming down now . Now I'm thinkinking it's AF as my mum had that .

  • I know how very frightening any heart sensation can be, I suffered and struggled with similar worries, but it could of just been something as simple as, over heating, slightly over breathing from the horse ride etc, you see the thing is, your reaction to the sensation was fear, your legs can feel wobbly or unsteady when your scared, it's difficult to accept scary sensations but you can carry on with your day even with these feelings, I do understand your concerns, truely I do, ive been there many times in the past, if your still bothered by this experience you could mention it to your doctor? It might help put your mind at ease? Xxx

  • I'm pretty sure your right suzie482 and thanx . I'm def getting that little bit better and not going into a complete panic attack so that's a bonus . And it's nice to have some one to reassure me on here when I post . Thanx again

  • Pleased to hear your beginning to feel abit better, sometimes you just have to let time pass, you'll never be alone with your feelings n fears, so many have suffered the same, try not to be too disheartened by it all, your body is an amazing machine, try as best you can to have confidence in it's ability to keep you safe, xxxx

  • Will do thanx suzie482. I get my blood test results tomorrow , so that will be interesting with them . But I'm def not stressing about it

  • Hello jodz x yes all these little feelings yoy get with thus anxiety x but I sounds like you are handling this alot better x well done x

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