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New here its refreshing to see others I the same boat but also sad.

Ive had bad panic attacks awhile seems like every few years simce I was 16 they would get horrible and then better on paxil so I would quit and a couple years later start all over again. This last time a year ago pretty much to date was rough. Went to e.r. etc. Put back on paxil and for 6 months had worse anxiety on it. Then did cbt which was expensive. And still kept getting horrible panic attacks. So I got put on zoloft. The past month on it things have been alot better. Then a dosage inincrease happened and I got dizzy, heart palps, numbness couldn't walk shakey, called an ambulance. Thought I was done for. My bp was crazy high and they figured out it was all a panic atttack. So the dosage increase apparently did this but ive been so tired and dizzy lost 10 lbs and im sick of this. Who else feels this way?

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Hi & welcome

Members are suffering with or have had anxiety on this forum so know exactly how you feel & you will get a lot of support & wont feel alone any more & feel this just is happening to you

Have they sorted out any more meds that are more suited to you ?

Anxiety is very draining & gives us so many physical symptoms which can be hard to believe something like this could but it does but as we control our anxiety they do subside

Keep talking on here , we may not always have the answers but we know how it feels & we are very good at listening :-)





Thanks for your response! Yeah its been a rough couple days. Even right now trying not to be panicky. Sick of feeling so out of it and scared. Doesnt help that on my yahoo news feed the top news story is anxiety linked to stroke. Ugh! Just news I didnt want to see after being assured anxiety cant harm you.


I no what you mean

Try not to listen to the news , they are always coming up with new things they think something is linked to !

Hope you are feeling a bit better today :-)



Welcome to the site . It is a great place and has helped me heaps over the last year.

Panic attacks are terrifying and can feel like a heart attack. Have you been back to your doctor about the increased dose.?? Maybe it's too much or maybe your body needs time to adjust to the increase. They would be able to advise you on that.

As whywhy says, keep coming on here. We all know exactly how you feel and there is always someone to help and support you.

It's true that anxiety can't harm you and it's not going to kill you. BUT, it does limit things you do in your life and can make life pretty unbearable. We are very strong people as we have to deal with this daily.

Keep coming here and I hope that you are feeling better. Love Julie xx


Yes very terrifying, lump in throat, dizzy ness, anyone else get blurry vision especially at night? And yeah im just freaked out about that article I read. And yes they lowered the dose back today.


Hi sandieganjake... We are probably sharing a song sheet! Can honestly say I feel exactly the same and have travelled same road (am still travelling it actually). I think anxiety is the PITS..its myriad of symptoms hoodwink us, cruelly, into utterly believing we are in the throes of a heart attack..a stroke..total madness or drowning in fear. Folk who have not experienced the "however long it will last feelings" have NO comprehension of how awful is...and how desperate you feel sitting in a crowded ER or A&E being poked and prodded for all kinds of problems and then sitting alone for hours on end whilst your case is being investigated....not to mention when you get home with a "nothing wrong" label stuck on your back and symptoms unchanged. Very perplexing. It wrecks our lives. I have always wished there was much, much more available to us who suffer anxiety - like suitable, fast counselling, better medications which are to going to end up exacerbating the condition... as it is we only have each other to turn to for support and understanding and the knowledge that panic and anxiety will pass (sometimes in waves) and will not have killed us in the interim! It's just an obnoxious and frightening horror which has roots for its cause and will ease when we listen to what our bodies are telling us...that is - understand the fear, feel,it and know that once we begin working with our understanding our bodies will,respond accordingly... I am thinking of you and hope you. Elgin to feel better soon.



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