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when will it all be over?

I have been suffering from anxiety for the past 2 yrs..lately it seemed that I was getting over it..its frequency was decreasing day by day..n I was proud of it bcoz even though in the beginning I took medicine for a few months. .I stopped taking them later..I decided to work on it on my own..without any help from a doctor or any one else..but today I wasn't expecting it to creep up on me like this..I feel my progress is hindered...

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This has happened to me as well, although I didn't stop taking the medication. I went to my GP yesterday sometimes the visit itself helps just to reassure you that you are ok and you will get through this as you have done before xx


this is the hope that keeps me going..


Your so brave doing it by yourself.... I'm in meds for my anxiety and depression and I still have bad periods, after 2 years of taking them. When I feel really low I try surround myself with positive things, positive people I know and trust. Things or people that boost my confidence I find helps a lot on my bad periods...

I hope you feel a bit better soon

Misstully x


Thank you..I can't tell you what it feels to be called brave in this...It means a lot and gives hope and encourages to keep fighting...


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