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Morning all has anyone used the services of a hypnotherapist? I'm currently under cbt which is finished next month but I'm still struggling with the tools I've been taught to control my anxiety.yesterday I went alone to see my little boys nativity,my heart was pounding,I was sweating and felt very light headed but I did it,I know my counsellor is right the first time I do something my anxiety could be high but each time I do it again it will reduce,my problem is I can't even do it the first time coz I get that anxious I create stomach issues which scare me to go and achieve something,I'm looking into hypnotherapy to help me combat my fears x

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Hi Lynne,

I have not used a hypnotherapist but is sounds like an idea.

Well done for going to see your boys at the nativity that was great and you should be proud.

your counsellor is right about your anxiety, when I first started at my charity shop I was a wreck. I walked down the road saying to myself I don't want to do this, I was getting so anxious and felt sick etc. But I went and it was okay, this happened a few times I went. Now I am okay with it and enjoy going there to help out. It was not nice at first having to go through all these feeling but I knew I had to push myself. So what I am trying to say is it does get easier the more you push yourself.

Just remember to your went to see your sons and how ever bad it was YOU did it, small steps a BIG well done to you.

Gardener x


Thanks very much I always do what I have to no matter how I feel,my biggest challenge is getting on a bus as soon as I know I have to I get a very upset stomach which means I'm anxious the whole bus journey,I have no idea where that problem stems from that's why I thought trying hypnotherapy x


I have used a hypnotherapist, it worked well whilst having it done. Although it hasn't helped long term I'm afraid. Sorry. Although I found cbt does seem to help long term with a bit of effort!

Take care xx


hi lynne, o/h has used hypnotherapy a few years ago it helped a little at the time, it is only one of the options you can use, give it a try, everyone is different , what doesn't work for one might work for another, good luck & take care xxx


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