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the stress of Putting on our Xmas show has caught up with me I have had no sleep had an awfully long night need to rest scared

Been lying awake most of the night done the whole relaxing thing but not worked think I better stop for a couple off days my levels of stress are threw the roof need sleep and a trip to the gym I'm worried that I'm going to end up burning out feel scared

Stupid me this my fault for Woking to hard and not having any days off partly my fault but sometimes it's not my fault but just the demands on me are high and it's taking it's toll sorry just feel very bad right now .

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Sorry to hear you're feeling so stressed Stu, a couple of days off sounds like a necessity rather than an option. In the meantime is there anyone you can delegate some of the work to? I can understand it must be difficult in your position but I think you need to try.

Make the gym a priority, I know how that helps you feel better.

Take care of yourself & I hope you have a better day :)



Hi Stu

You no the more we fear the more we will feel the anxiety & then we are on a merry go round again , easier said than done I no

I might be wrong & I no this is you living but you seem like me a bit of a perfectionist

I am like it in everything I do & can spend hours worrying as I want to get it just right !

And so many times I realize what will be will be no matter how much I worry (again easier said than done )

We can only do so much , we can only put so much effort in & then we have to let go , otherwise we start to feel as you do like we are going to run out of batteries as I always say ;-)

I am sure this show will be fantastic & if little bits are not just so in the grand scheme of things does it matter , the kids will enjoy it & so will everyone that is there watching it & that's what matters !

Now I no that's easy for me to say , but I am stressing just over Christmas itself & I have to keep telling myself this over & over again !

What happened to that day of :-o

Sounds again like me , can soon forget & carry on doing as I always do , but now you have realized what you are doing that's not helping you then you can put it right !

So lets have some "me time " day of again , you need it !

Remember you have to look after you or if you don't you have nothing to offer anyone , this again is something I tell myself of for as well

We can get things out of perspective at times & forget whats most important & in your case that's you !

I will look out for your next post saying you have had time of & as the saying goes

" The show will go on " :-)





You can buy Phenergen 10mg over the counter, they are for travel sickness and are non addictive...take one an hour before you want to doctor prescribed them for me....but you don't need a's worth a try...good luck...and don't work so hard !!! It's not worth making yourself ill !


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