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Unbalanced.. Freaking out!

Hello, good afternoon(here at least) well not so good because i don't feel all that great..

I feel kind of un-balanced.

Like i'm on a boat.. My head isn't hurting or feeling dizzy(spinning) i can walk fine & see fine, i just feel unbalanced..

Do any of you know what this could be? Has any of you experienced this?

Should i go to the hopspital?

I'm honestly worried about it & i'm starting to get scared..

I'm drinking my valerian wellness tea to calm me down.. Hopefully this helps.. I felt this way 2days ago aswell.. I'm starting to feel anxious.

-Vic xoxo

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Hi Vic.

Sorry to hear your not feeling to good, it sounds like another of the multitude of anxiety symptoms there are so many, just when you get used to one another rears its ugly head and knocks you back down. I hope your tea does the trick.

Kenny xxxx


Ahh.. :( i just have to get through it huh.. One day at a time.

Thank you.. :)

Have a good night okay? Xoxo


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