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Can anyone help me please

Why do we feel dizzy light headed when we have anxiety and why do it happen when you dont even feel anxious i woke up today just feeling really dizzy and off balance and its been here all day but i wasn't worried or anxious it was the dizziness that was making me anxious and does anyone else feel like they need to burp and have alot of gas but just cant get it out

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Hi,I no what u mean!i get dizzy and feel bit rubbish which triggers anxiety,apparently its a normal symptom my doctor says and it's mainly are minds making it worse.if in doubt see your gp.but don't worry as itis a normal symptom :) x


Multiple er doctors told me that anxiety sufferers tend to breath abnormally with that we get a little more carbon dioxide and that causes the dizziness, the chest pain, palpitions, sweats, etc.

That's why breathing techniques are often highly recommended for GAD sufferers.

The trapped air again without realizing it you gulp or swallow constant and you get the urge to burp more frequently

Hope this helped



I don't feel like am not breathing correctly tho i can wake up with the dizziness i can be feeling normall happy having a really good day then bam i feel dizzy


I try and explain this to my doctor all the time as he tries to say it can be caused by my breathing but I now it's not! I am constantly dizzy off balance, feeling out of it. But apparently it's just all anxiety. But yes it is very scary I hate the feeling that in going to pass out drop to the floor ect. Horrible horrible thing anxiety!


Is all about breathing harder and that is why we get dizzy or light headed 24/7. Hard to control,my Doc said to take deep breathing every 2-3 hours ( biofeedback). I'm also taking Lorezapam twice daily 1MG and is helping as well but not completely. I also lack of air which Lorezapam helps some as well. In that case I believe my sinus is in part responsible but Doctors will always us the short cut which is blame it all on anxiety.


I've beendizzy since woke up this morning foggy head sweating I think it just anxiety.


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