Here's a new Health Anxiety: Tongue Issues?? Anyone else, or is this just a new one created by me?

So I'm mostly off the ALS scares. Finally!!!!!!!

But, as Health Anxiety people know: when one symptom goes that means another one has appeared.

I haven't googled it, because I've sworn off googling and my health anxiety has improved immensely because of it. So i'm hoping to get some help from you lovely folks.

Ever focused on your tongue movements too much because of anxiety? I notices some white irritation on the side of my tongue a few days ago (probably from spicy food) and since then I began focusing on my tongue. Now, i'm having issues with "sh" noises and "ch" noises. It's like my tongue isn't working properly now.

Also, does the line in the middle of your tongue remain completely straight? Mine looks mostly perfectly straight, but when I stick it out I notice that the line towards the very front of it is a little crooked.

Your thoughts, comments, and similar experiences are always appreciated!


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  • Been there. Thought I had ALS for about 2 years. The more you focus on something the worse it will be. Normal people who have a slight health problem may worry for a short while then forget about it. Once it gets into our brain it goes into over load and so we suffer from sensitisation. I had headaches a couple of months ago and thought I had a brain tumour. I even started getting noises in my head and flashing lights. This escalated and I felt really ill. In the end I got the all clear but I still have some symptoms. I know how you feel but the worse thing is to keep checking. If it gets really bad see your GP and I am sure you will get the all clear. We always seem to go for the more rare or deadly diseases. When I thought I had ALS I was checking myself all the time. Can I hop on one foot, nearly broke my neck trying. Is one arm thinner than the other, have I got weakness. If you worry enough you will get symptoms. Our brains are very good at fooling us. I know it is hard but try and relax and don't speak to DR Google, he will make matters worse

  • I was hopping on one foot st 3am last month. Lol. Thank you for the response!

  • At one point I was I was trying to come down stairs backwards jumping with 2 feet on the step. This was another test to say you hadn't got ALS. Fell down stairs damaged my hip. Try explaining that at A+E

  • Haha. I'm sure you received quite the look from your Doc.

  • When one symptom goes, another doesn't have to replace it. I'm sure you know that these descriptions of symptoms do not represent anything worrying or indeed any illness. However doubtless others will experience similar.

    Excellent to stop googling.

  • I think some things and anxious feelings we get are side effects of medication or/and lack of nutrients in our diets. Try to focus on maintaing a healthy balance and find another purpose in life and your tongue sensations will probably disappear. Best wishes.

  • Thanks for the comments and feedback. I'm almost positive my tongue is getting irritated because I'm focusing on it too much and causing it to hit my teeth. When I was worried about my breathing I screwed up my natural breath and hyperventilated all the time. When I was worried about my heart, my heart rate jumped all the time. When I was worried about ALS I felt weak and my muscles twitched. When I was worried about Parkinsons, my pinky twitched. When I was worried about a tumor, I had constant headaches. Whew....what a list. haha.

    I guess the point is that when we overly focus on things our body does naturally we either mess up the automatic process, or tense up, or just basically throw them out of wack. And when I say we,,I mean me

  • I have all the same things you have had. It is a nightmare

  • It's def not too much fun. I'm constantly asking myself internally "what if,, what if something really is wrong with me and all the doc's visits, scans, blood work, etc. is all wrong"?

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