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Well all I have done today is cry its just hit me that I'm going in 2 days. I was talking to my best friend. Since I've been here and suddenly reality hit I don't want to go neither does my son its all we've known. I'm heart broken. I know I will hate my new house before I even get there. This will make my anxiety worse. My son is still coming here to go to school so he will be getting a taxi there and back but it's not the same we only live 2 mins from his school

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Hi Scooby xx Oh dear we are in a predicament here are,nt we x Please don't cry x I like to think there is a answer to all problems x I can understand that it is so hard leaving your home more so now I know that you are moving away from your sons school x I think you are putting all negatives into the new house so it seems awful before you even start x Is there no way at all you an stay where you are x Contact the police or the social services anyone who can maybe help you x The last thing you need in a anxious state is to move and increase the anxiety x Or can you delay the move until you know whether you can stay or not xx Im here if you need me xx Donver xx Sorry for short answer ill be back soon so if u need me feel free to pm x


I'll try to suggest some positives for you to consider

new home, fresh start

the good memories that you made, and shared, will always be there in you heart

the bad ones and the recent negative events can all be left behind.

you'll start new happy memories from the minute you move in.

you can meet up and keep in contact with your friends and neighbours - you know where they live :)

you'll make new friends.

wishing you all the best in your new home! :)




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