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Once Bitten Twice Shy

Hi All,

My last post and comment for the night.

Cherrytrees. Could you, or your former names, associates, friends, assistant's or what anybody else wishes to call them. Please step forward.

I believe that you have been given ample opportunity by the members of this site to put make any comments that you wish to offer tonight but I will give you one last chance to comment on your actions.

I have given you time to explain yourself in front of the members of this site. You have failed in whatever your name is this week to respond. Can you not understand we suffer with anxiety. In my particular case wind me up if enough and I will kill, yes dramatic as it may sound but that won't be on your conscience will it unless it is a relative then suddenly mental health problems will be totally out the window.

When all this started over a week ago I said 'some people answer a lot, some people comment a lot' such is the nature of our problem. Communication solves or helps it.

People log on to this site for comfort. Should you or yours not be able to give that then, rev up & disappear.

Any comments on grammar and text would be greatly appreciated.


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Good for u that is how I feel exactly about ,it's bout a place to unload discuss things,get help,those who live alone and have no one ,like me,this site s a godsend


Good Evening Meg,

My apologies for my late reply but I had to eat, but thank you for your comments.

Will speak soon




Sadly it does not help anyone to make silly threats.Just calm yourself down or you will end up in the nick


And just who are you birtty to make comments like that! Never heard of you. Are you yet another troll? Ib4bed is a long term respected member of this site. So drop the silly comments please.


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