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Returning to work next week after 4 months sick, ATOS call tomorrow eek! (positive only)

So i'm hoping to return to work next week after being off for almost 4 months with anxiety/depression, so proud that ive come this far but feeling terrifield that i'm going back, my managers been awful and not very supportive but colleagues have been really good.. Have a call from ATOS tomorrow, geting all nervous about it and not sure what to expect/say and starting to think what to say to random people who ask my why ive been off when i'm back, any advice comments that are postive would be great, thanks xx

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Well done you , for getting so much better you feel ready to return to work

Sorry that your managers are not very supportive , but focus on the positives , you work colleagues , that you will be spending most time with & ARE supportive

Atos , the only advice I could give , is just be honest ,that's all you can do , don't try & give the answers you feel will sound good , or what they want to hear , just give them the truth

Hope everything goes well

Well done again





Why have ATOS called you if you're employed?


Hi, I've just gone back after 12 weeks, so far so good. Just be honest, only tell them what you want them to know, or as I've said to a couple of people sorry but if you don't mind I would rather not talk about it t today, how brave was that!

Hope all goes well for you x


Good for you!


Thankyou, atos call went really good, was totally honest like you all said and they were great, agora - after being off sick from employment some companies refer their staff to atos to help get you back to work again by finding out what exactly is wrong with you i think and what steps can be done to speed up your return to work and if theres any special measures that can be put in place to help. Atos have put forward to my manager that i have a phased return back to work and amended duties. Big wobble is now a smaller wobble. Thankyou again. Will let you all know how it goes, dont give up hope everyone its took time and a lot of hard work to get where i am now, but with medication and lots of other things like exercise, mindfulness etc. Hope your work continues to go well Eta. Thanks Stay strong everyone x


Brilliant news, I wish you all the best! I didn't realise ATOS was involved in this kind of mediation process. I'm pretty cynical about them to be honest, my only experience has been negative and extremely stressful to the extent that it put my recovery back years.


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