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Hey everyone

I'm sorry if I upset anyone earlier for my outbursts, not that I didn't mean what I said, I deleted my comments as I felt I said what I had to and there was no point them floating about the site.

I don't want anyone to think that I'm harassing or singling out one member of the site.

Things happened a few months ago that Admin said would be monitored and dealt with if the situation ever happened again....well there is no admin so the situation arose again and I saw it effecting some members of the site badly.

I always speak my mind so that's all I did today. Hope I haven't annoyed too many of you in the process.


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Hi Ashley x You did not upset me. You spoke your mind and your piece, as you said it is a forum and we are free to write what we want x I to deleted some posts as it was pointless carrying on. I don't think you are harassing people at all, and no one was singled out, unless they did it to themselves. I don't know what happened before and it is none of my business, but the behaviour today said it all and more. Dont ever let anyone quieten you x Sometimes voices need to be heard xx Donna


Did not upset me either.




Nor me. Julie xx


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