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I know it's all my anxiety playing me up. I had a bad belly earlyer and my belly was rumbling and it wasn't that I was hungry either. I've just ate and it's rumbling again as normal. Anyway I really panicked because my belly was hurting. It wasnt hurting that bad but very mild. The doctor the other day tried to reassure me that it was because my insides r expanding and making room for the baby. I thought is was enuf but oviously my anxiety must me getting a kick out of me feeling anxious. It's like since last yr wen all this anxiety really kicked in I wasn't in tune with my body at all. Then wen uve got anxiety u listen, feel and wait for things to do with ur body. If u get wat I'm saying? It's like we feel everything hear little sound. This is how I know I'm feeling more anxious. With my two boys I never noticed a thing while pregnant with them. Simply enuf I never listened out for anything. Like the belly ache I had I wud of said I'm constipated and carryed on with whatever. I knew I was today but no my mind was telling me worse. I people that haven't suffered don't realise how strong our minds are. I'm going to start reading my book by that woman doctor I have forgot wat it's called. Just to help me a little. Im really glad I'm pregnant even thou I thought I wud just feel normal like I did with my two boys. I'm feeling sick most nights and abut dizzy. Once I've had my 12 wk scan I'm hoping my anxiety subsides again. I've the midwife coming round thursday to sort out for my scan as my doctor said I was 10 wks. Well I'm either 5 or 9 wks today. I'm just going to pretend I don't have a clue wen the date was of my last period as I need reassuring. The only way will be a scan so I can c for myself xxx

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Hey you...........

I know what you mean about anxiety,,, you kinda forget what its like to not over-think things don't ya??

I long for the days when everything just happens and I don't give it a thought!

Anyway so pleased about your pregnancy , Im sure everything will be fine, you just have to try occupy your mind so you don't think so much...........

sending love............. I know my answer is no use whatsoever but just wanted to show some support for you xx


Hi Anne I really do hate the over thinking of every single thong it's so annoying. The days where u just don't give anything a thought they definitely wud be nice to get back wudnt they. We will one day :-) ur answer is helpfull. Alto if answers on here r helpfull I think it's because we all understand wat each other is going thou and alot of the time we all feel and think the same. I'm hoping all my positive thinking comes back by morning. I'm not usually a moaner but with anxiety kicking in its negative at the moment in my mind anyway. I don't want to sit and listen to my body, for the anxiety. I can cope with the sickness I have most times but do wish I cud throw up instead if just feel sick. I can't cope with the dizziness I get at times and thats wat freaked me out with the anxiety and the thing that caused my anxiety to go thou the roof last year. This baby is really wanted and I want to enjoy my pregnancy like I did the other to I think I'm going to have to blow that black cloud away that's hanging around xxx


Hey Donna

Everything is OK hun

I no you feel worried but the doctor is right , things will be changing to make room for that lovely little baby you have there :-)

You had to pregnancies the same I no & so did I , like I have said till the 3rd one , must be something about the 3rd one do you reckon :-/

Try & relax & kick out this anxiety for you & the baby

Fingers crossed this sickness will pass

Hope the mid wife can reassure you on Thursday :-)





Hi whywhy, I really need to sit back and relax I know everything is fine and that it's my mind. I definitely think it must be the 3rd pregnancy. Maybe I'm having that girl ;-) maybe it's all down to the different sex :-) xxx


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