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For those with anxiety, hypochondriasis, I recommend reading "power of positive thinking" by Norman Vincent Peale. It's amazing what our mind can do. Stop googling symptoms and listen to your doctor. Don't confuse yourself with what people on Internet say bc they are most likely hypochons themselves and writing whatever comes to mind and looking for answers too. If you want good health it really just starts with your mind and attitude about life. Face your fears head on and trust God. Think about how complex our bodies are? It is made to protect us. Our bodies are gods masterpiece.. Trust your body to do what it should do. You are what you think you are! Don't live that life of negativity. You have the choice of life and death... Chose life. tell yourself you're healthy. You are fearfully and wonderfully made by the very own God who holds the world in his hand and controls every aspect of it. Therefore our bodies are created to perfection and it's up to you to take care of it... don't be afraid of nothing.. Trust him.

Also physicians are placed on this earth for a reason.. Ask God to give them wisdom and use them to help us.. Not the Internet


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  • Not really a religious person but it sounds interesting

  • just give it a shot, what's the harm in positive thinking and believing in God right? It can only do us good if anything. :) Good Luck

  • I read that book many years ago. some of it was quiet good.

  • I'm not a nasty person in the slightest but by goodness do I hate people throwing religion about, if religion was so good none of us would feel they way we do!

  • Yes religion may not help some people but it really helps a lot of people as well. So what if a person posts advice which talks about religion? It is, after all, related to anxiety management and it does become benificial for a lot of people suffering. I'm not religious myself but what I can't take is people dismissing posts like this solely because they disagree. Just remember you are only one of many others in this community and what doesn't apply to you may apply to them. If it doesn't help you, then just ignore it.

  • I don't think our anxiety has anything to do with religion by any I said, it has a lot to do with our own mindset. Trusting in God is beneficial bc he can help you get through it, bc it's difficult. Even science has proven that a positive outlook on life has a lot to do with happiness.. My point is, none of us have to feel the way we feel, we can chose to feel how ever we want. My dad has had anxiety and depression since he was a matter what therapy or medication was given he was not well..the man has had 2 heart attacks and is still alive today.. The funny thing is heart disease does not run in our family.. everybody is pretty healthy.. He got that bc everyday since I was a kid he would tell people he was a sick man.. Even though he was healthy.. He was soooo negative. he was so dependent on meds but they did nothing for him..why? Bc he didn't want to get better. Now years later, he also realizes that his negative attitude is what got him here. . He has no job, he lost touch with society, etc. my anxiety resulted from watching him all these years.. But I'm not going to live that way, I'm getting therapy, thinking positively, and I'm on my way to a great life. It's easier said than done, I know bc it took me a while to understand this stuff too.. but I think everyone can overcome this if they really want to.

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