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still alive - beared the unbearable


it appears the sickness that has been reluctant to leave here for two weeks is finally shuffling on...missed the convention I wanted to go to (the OH took his mum instead) once the kids are back at school/nursery I have to start public training out and about in earnest - I have a concert to go to in December and would be devastated if I missed that

Hope everyone is ok

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Hi Sam

Glad to hear you are finally getting rid of the sickness bug , its that or this flu virus & we seem to be going through the flu one , one getting it after another & no matter what you do , nothing seems to be stopping it !

Well your post has made me think of a positive , sat here feeling rubbish & then you mentioned your concert in December which I hope you get to & got me thinking , its my Will-i-am concert at the beginning of December , so maybe things do happen for a reason & it would be a lot worse if I had caught this then , maybe there was a reason you had to go through this sickness bug now , could be so you can go to your concert !

Fingers crossed we have had our share of these virus's :-)

Take Care





that is true...they have all been sick now, which makes them less likely to be ill again in December ;)


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